The Piano Note Teacher

From my freelance work I have developed a good working relationship with a web developer, Paul Sparks, to whom shares a mutual interest in the development of apps for smartphones and tablet devices. Borne from my own self taught experience, I wanted to create an app to teach individuals how to read music from a basic level, but with Paul’s technical programming knowledge we were able to bring this idea to life. This app can be found on the App store under ‘The Piano Note Teacher’ From this success we currently have other apps in the pipeline which Includes more educational apps and also some games. This process has taught me patience and given me further belief that with hard work and initiative nothing is impossible.

Small Apps
As a result of the success from our first launch to the App Store we felt it necessary to create a website to showcase upcoming apps alongside The Piano Note Teacher. I designed this website to have a fun feel to it, with a flat design, much like the design of our apps themselves. We want Small Apps to remain effortless for the users throughout their experience on whichever platform that may be.